Saturday, March 3, 2012

UniQuestion: exam test software

-- ref. 2009 --

UniQuestion is an exam test software.
With uniquestion teachers can print random generated test and quickly check answers using the "correction mask".

To built a new exam:
      Insert a new exam type. Types tab / New.
      Write questions and answers fot the new exam. Questions tab / New / select the new exam name, insert a question, and a few answers, remeber that every Line Feed is a answer and put the correct answer in the first line.
      Make a new exam. Exams tab / New / select a name, a date, an header, and the questions you want to insert for this exam.
      Built random generated exams. Exams tab / select an exam / insert the number of paper to built, click Build button, you should now have the txt files of your exam in you uniquestion folder.
      Print the txt files using a fixed character font like Courier New. Cut the left side of the papers and use it as a correction mask to check the correct answer.

Code is not weel written, i know and i'm sorry about it, but it was a 2009 project.


  • read risk disclaimer
  • excuse my bad english

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