Saturday, January 2, 2021

MiniHTMLTextBox - .NET WinForm HTML TextBox component

MiniHTMLTextBox is Minimal .NET WinForms HTML Editor control based on the TextBox component.

I was building a simple C# desktop application that needs a simple HTML editor. I haven't find any good and free HTML editor, so I decide to build one my one.

It has minimal features, like bold, italic, underline, font name and size selection, text can be aligned, it also ships a ordered and buillet list. Source text can be view like formatted HTML or html raw format.

For the HTML rendering it use a WebBrowser component, that triggers the change in the text and render it to the UI.

In Text mode a simple TextBox is used.

This component is very simple, but it can be expanded it one needs. Both the WebBrowser and TextBox component are exposed as public, so that one can play with the internal components without having to compile a new one.


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