Thursday, May 2, 2019

D01: 2*15W guitar amplifier built using salvaged parts

-- ref 2013 --

The D01, litterally Discarica 01, is a guitar solid state amplifier build from salvaged parts.

Speakers are from a ready-to-be-trashed TV, the wooden case is something laying around here waiting to be trashed, some of the components are taken apart from old devices, like the transformer.
Of course there's something new in this amplifier, but most of the parts comes from savaged hardware.

The preamplifier it's based on the Descrete FET Guitar Preamp by J. Donald Tillman ( It's a J201 N-channel JFET based preamp that sounds really good.
The signal goes than to a clean/dstortion selection switch.
The distortion section it's based on a modded version of the Electra Distortion Pedal, that runs with just one 2N2222 NPN transistor. The distortion section has its own volume.

The output is then routed to the main volume and then to the main amplifier board.
The amplifier board it's based on the TDA7297 2*15W dual bridge amplifier. It costs just a few euros the complete board shipped with headsink, so this time I've buy this one.

The two speakers are 4ohm, savaged from an old TV.
The power section of my built consists of a 220V to 15V transformer with a 30W output current. Because the rectified voltage was a little too high for my circuit I use a simple DC/DC stepdown LM2596 board to reduce the voltage to 9V.

I assembled all those things in a wooden case build from some recycled boards.

I must admit that this amp sounds really nice, it has a nice vintage look, and the distortion section sounds really fat to me, although of course its has not a big output.

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