Monday, August 3, 2020

Homemade PCB Cutting Machine

Here i present you my homemade PCB Cutting Machine.
It's a simple DIY project to build, there are just a few key points to watch out for.

This Cutting Machine it's based on a drill 12V DC motor. I've a broken electric drill, that's the donor of the motor. My motor is a ZG-RS550S-12V.

Then the inkjet printer sliding mechanism, once again something broken you can find without problem.
The sliding mechanism need to be prepared to make the motor fit on the ink sled.

I've buy the motor bracket and the motor adaptor, and of course the circular blade.
As for the circular blade mine it's a 50mm diamond plated steel disc used for Dremel. I've found that this kind of blade works better on PCB than saw blade with teeth like the ones for wood.

Then we need the piece of wood that will be base of our machine. We need to saw away the line where the cutting blade will slide in.

The key point now is to assembly all the pieces in such a way that is all perpendicular, that will affect the 90 degrees cutting that we want on our PCB. As you notice on my Cutting machine I've used big screw to mount the sliding mechanism, the hole that I've drill on the mechanism it's a bit larger then the screw, this way i can arrange the mechanism horizontally and vertically.

I've tried it with PCB up to 2mm without problem.

The PWM board it's a 6..90V, 15A.
A switch is attached in order to enable the PWM board, or to skip it and give the motor the full speed.

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