Tuesday, February 1, 2022

AVR Industrial Weight Checker - Model t02

This weight checker is device that constantly check the weight under test and possibly trigger an alert action. The alert is triggered in the form a relay.

This device is built on top of an ATmega8 running @ 8Mhz. It has 3 button to setup all the parameters and an 2x16 LCD to monitor the working status. As weight sensor a HX711 board is used.

Configuration parameter are stored inside the ATmega EEPROM. Whenever the weight raise the minimum or maximum threshold an error is triggered. Use can set the number of errors system has to raise before the alert action happens. Whenever an alert is triggered, a relay is opened or closed, depending on the wiring desired for the external equipment.

User can set a few parameters inside the LCD, like:

  • Weight sensor calibration: here we can set the gain, the offset and the tare.
  • Interval between weights
  • Number of errors to wait for an alert to be triggered
  • Max and Min Weight error: thresholds for an alert to be triggered
This is just a simple device one can customize depending on personal needs.

Below the load cells used for test. On the industrial application this device has been attached to industrial cells.


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