Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An Arduino Knight Rider Rainbow dice that uses WS2812B RGB leds

This project implements a Knight Rider / Rainbow effect Random Selector.
It uses an Arduino UNO and a WS2812B RGB led strip.
A friend of mine needs a random selector for train scale model.
I've developed this using the Arduino framework, because he would like to modify the sketch "the Arduino way".
Unluckly I have not any picture or video of his build. So I've built a dice selector by using an old clock frame. I would like to thank my friend Matteo for cutting vinyls out for this project.

This project uses the Adafruit "NeoPixel library" (
For the Knight Rider Rainbow effect I took inspiration from the technobly "NeoPixel Knight Rider" project (
The circuit for this project is really simple, there is just a Start switch connected, and a WS2812B led strip.

When the user press the start switch, the  Knight Rider / Rainbow selector starts, and a semi-randomic led is choses.
After a while, a Rainbow effect starts powering on all the leds.


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