Friday, April 3, 2020

3 kind of Ruby Amp: Standard, Bassman and Hiwatt with distortion mod

I've introduced you the Ruby Amp here when I was talking about my bass amplifier 1W amp.
The Ruby Amp is a small guitar amplifier built around the LM386 IC.

This time i present you 3 kind of Ruby Amps from my collection.

Then the first one, it's a standard one, straight like the one of the site with a gain control.

Second one is a Bassman mod one, with a distortion switch that pump up the LM386 gain to it's limit. It was built on a PC speaker case.

Last one, the third, like the previous, was built on a PC speaker case, but this time it's an Hiwatt mod, again it cames with distortion switch.

All those you see above, I've built using a PCB board I've design.

Then some bonus pictures of the first one I've built. It's a standard one without gain pot. It was built on a prototyping board, it was 2010.

Most of them runs on a 9v supply voltage, some on 12v.
A personal note on the supply, if you are using a high to low voltage transformer and a rectifier to get your supply voltage, use big caps or even better a voltage regulator like the LM7809 if you want to avoid noise from your power line.

As you can see, I've always use salvaged parts, even that, they sound pretty well to my ears.
I've built others, always using recovered case and parts.
Although I've never use those amps in a record they sounds good, are simple to build and portable, so if you need one small amp at your friend house or during a BBQ, those are the amps.

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