Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Radio France Fuzz - Silicon Fuzz pedal

"I've Got A Fuzzbox And I'm Gonna Use It"

This one is a silicon Fuzz pedal for guitar.
It's a standard silicon Fuzz Pedal circuit, made up using two common NPN transistors, the BC547, and the 2N5088.

I've try to "take it to the limit", to produce an extreme distorsion clipping sound.
There are three control points on this pedal:
  • the volume
  • the crunch switch, that's sets the gain to a low value
  • the stoner switch, that makes the pedal sounds thinner or fatter

It's called "Radio France" Fuzz, cause while playing with different components values on my breadboard, i can even even hear a radio transmission from France (likely AM), which is pretty distant from where i live. Luckly this doesn't happens on the preforated board, but it was enough for me to call it Radio France Fuzz.

The box is an aluminion chocolates from Lindt.

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  • excuse my bad english

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ibanez Soundtank Super Chorus CS5 mod

Ibanez Soundtank series, also called 5 series are a set of effect pedals made from around 1990 until 1999 by Ibanez.
I've an Ibanez CS5 Super Chorus pedal, and i would like to modding it just to makes it sound slightly different from the stock one, and experiment a little.

I ended up making 3 mods for this pedal:
  • Leslie Tone: produce a nice sounding "Leslie" kind of sound. Reference:
  • Vibrato: bypass the clean signal to produce some kind of vibrato sound
  • Crazy Tune: this mod produce a crazy extra deep sound, when joined just with the wet signal it yields to strange effects

For the vibrato mode i've used the 2SK30A low signal FET, connected to the JFET switching bypass, in order to make the clean signal pass when the chorus is switched on.

Leslie tone, and crazy tune mods are simply uses two 1/4 resistors. You can play around with resistors values here to experiment with sounds.

  • read risk disclaimer
  • excuse my bad english