Wednesday, November 6, 2019

WiiPoser: a Wii Nunchuck + led matrix + pan/tilt servo laser pointer frame

- ref 2013 -

WiiPoser is Wii Nunchuck + led matrix + pan/tilt servo laser pointer frame.
I've build this frame to test the Wii Nunchuck library years ago.
Nunchuck is a wii 2-axis joystick, two buttons and a 3 axis 2g accelerometer.
You can find the nunchuck driver here:

This is just an unsuefull frame built to test some libraries.
Behind the canvas of the frame there's a 5x5 led matrix driven through a bunch of general purpose NPN transistors.

The main controller it's an ATmega8, running @8Mhz.
There's a pan/tilt servo bracket that moves the laser pointer.

The Wii Nunchuck drives the servos pointer.
One of the Nunchuck button change the led view mode, in mode one just one led is on, in mode two just one led is off.
The second button of the Nunchuck switch the laser pointer on and off.
The Nunchuck joystick is used to select which led has to be powered on or off.

If no movment is perceived the frame goes in a demo mode, the demo mode moves the servos and switch on and off the leds in a random mode.


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