Sunday, December 5, 2021

JBL Creature II speakers repair and power supply mod

The JBL Creature II is a 2.1 speaker system.

They came out in middle 2000, and they look futuristic.

The Creature II are equiped with a 27 watts 4.5 inch subwoofer and 2 small 4. 5 inch 9 watt sattelites. On the subwoofer is located the treble and bass adjustment, on one of the sattelite the touch volume control.

A friend of mine give me those speaker, they were without the power supply and the two satellites speaker were broken.

The speaker ring foam ring decay it's a common fault for this kind of spekaer. I've buy a couple of 40mm 4Ohm 5W full range speaker from AIYIMA and replaced the original ones, like the one you see below.

I did not want to buy a new supply for this speaker system. I had a 220V to 19V 1A transformer, I know the original supply it's 3.5A, but I've take measurements, my system use 1A almost at high volume, so I've used the one I've.

My first try was to 3D print an holder and put the transfomer inside the subwoofer case. The holder works but I had not thinked about the inducted noise of the transformer coil. So I moved the transformer outside the case, but leaving a 220V switch in the case, this way the transfomer is fully powered off when the switch is off.

This system sounds pretty good. I think that due to his 2000/futuristic look I'm going to use this with a synthetizer, built in the 2000. They are a good pair.


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