Sunday, July 5, 2020

My Score Keeper: a simple app to track score of your games

My Score Keeper is a simple app that allows your track score of your games.
You can add multiple Games, each games may have many Match and each match many Rounds. You can add as much Players as you need. Points are recorded so you can take a look at the full historical points list.

A Dice tool and the Countedown Timer are also included. Just tap on the dice to generate a random number, or use the Countdown Timer to time your Round. The free Backup and Restore cloud agent allows your data to be upload on a temporary cloud space you can use to restore to another device just in case. My Score Keeper is Open Source, and it's built using React Native.
You can find the app on the Google Play Store. It's not published yet on the Apple Store, but it works with iOS too.
The app reley on the Realm database.
The first app screen is the Game one, all the Games are listed here. User can create a new math or select one listed. Long tapping on the game enters the edit/delete mode.
Inside the Game screen, user can add Match. When a Match is selected, Players needs to be added. Players of course can be removed or added whenever the user wants. When a new Round is added the user can select which are the Players that play that round.

During the Round points can be added or substracted to each Players.
A couple of tools can be enabled on the Round screen.
A Dice, that select a random number between an interval and a Countdown Timer.
Database can be backupped on a cloud service that is hosted free on Firebase. The web folder contains the code of the backup server.
Backup are rotated, this way the server space does not fill up.


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