Friday, September 4, 2020

BLDC motor driver v02 speed test

In my last video about the new BLDC driver I've written you can find here, I was talking about testing other motors.

Here you can find a sample speed test I've run over a Brushless motor Mistery D2025-5000.

To test the speed I've used a cheap Laser Tachometer DT-2234C+.
I've put tape around the motor and mark just one side of the motor tape with a black marker.

Results are pretty good, the motor spins at almost 11000rpm  running at 12V, with a current consumption of 0.9A.
Don't forget that this driver is not made for performance, this driver was built to be fairly simple and easly modify in order to be easly embedded in any project. If you are looking at performance, you should take a look at the SimonK firmware (

Testing the the same motor running at almost the same speed 11000rpm with SimonK firmware, results in a current consumption of 0.8A. However with SimonK i was able to run this motor at 30000rpm, 

This means that even if my driver is not build with performance in mind, it still runs pretty well.

I've tested the driver over other BLDC motor I've around here, all the motor spins without much problems. Startup sequence is good.

However, if you want to trick up performance, you can still make changes to the bldcsetupmotor.h file. In that file you can find various parameters used during the ramp startup time as long as the running time, like the ZC error setting and PWM timer counter settings, that will set the speed.

One last word about this BLDC driver that makes me happy, an article has been published on the italian Elettronica In ( magazine.

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