Friday, March 30, 2012

Baus, an open source video streaming server - v1.0.0.12

-- ref. 2010 --

Baus is an open source video streaming server.

Baus can stream in jpeg format, and swf over http. The server also can record flv videos.
Baus streams in public and private mode using a token authentication method to ensure only authorized clients to watch videos.
Baus run on linux and works with /dev/video devices. The server can also stream from low-cost multi-plexed DVR cards.
Baus is build on ffmpeg libs (libav), and it is written in ANSI C, using the Eclipse IDE.
A sample PHP client is provided for test purpose.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

nRF24L01 atmega library and development board

-- new version here: --

This is my Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01 driver for atmega8 micro, it should work even with other atmel micro with small changes.
Most of the works is based upon nRF24L01 avr lib by Stefan Engelke

Attached you can also find a developement board for atmega8 and cheap nrf24l01 pcb found on ebay.


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Android PackageUpdater Sample

This android sample app implements an update strategy for some files of your project.
This sample is usefull if you want to update some files in your apps without uploading a new app version on the market.

The PackageUpdater class download a version file which contains only the latest version number.
If the local version is older then the remote version, the PackageUpdater try to download the new package file for the latest version.
The package file is a compressed (zip) files which contains all the files that need to be updated.
If this download succeed, then the package will be decompressed and checked for the required files. Then it can be copied to the device package files location.


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my Atmega fusebit doctor

my realization of the Atmega fusebit doctor plus HVPP and HVSP adapter

original page here:

firmware: atmega8 2.11_m8
pcb board: v2h

Saturday, March 3, 2012

UniQuestion: exam test software

-- ref. 2009 --

UniQuestion is an exam test software.
With uniquestion teachers can print random generated test and quickly check answers using the "correction mask".

To built a new exam:
      Insert a new exam type. Types tab / New.
      Write questions and answers fot the new exam. Questions tab / New / select the new exam name, insert a question, and a few answers, remeber that every Line Feed is a answer and put the correct answer in the first line.
      Make a new exam. Exams tab / New / select a name, a date, an header, and the questions you want to insert for this exam.
      Built random generated exams. Exams tab / select an exam / insert the number of paper to built, click Build button, you should now have the txt files of your exam in you uniquestion folder.
      Print the txt files using a fixed character font like Courier New. Cut the left side of the papers and use it as a correction mask to check the correct answer.

Code is not weel written, i know and i'm sorry about it, but it was a 2009 project.


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