Friday, August 4, 2023

San Pellegrino Terme Germanium Distortion pedal

I've been in San Pellegrino Terme ( this winter.

San Pellegrino Terme is a thermal location, so I had a vacation there. I bought a tin of candies which I'm using as the case for this guitar/bass pedal.

This is why it's called the San Pellegrino Terme Distortion.

 A few weeks later from this vacation I've found a 70's radio in the dumpster. That radio has a couple of germanium transistor on board.

I've desoldered them and I've decided to use as soon as possible, cause they are not branded and I do not want to keep htem in my germanium transistor drawer.

They are PNP germanium transistor measuring 180 hFE. Gain is a little low but that would not be a big issue. I take as reference a classic 2 transistor distortion configuration.

Indeed I've decoupled the output from the first transistor and input that output to the second transistor, forming a two stage gain.

I've try to push the gain to the limit.

No controls available, just the output volume.

True bypass, and a active led output.

This pedal is not going to start a revolution, it's just a simple distortion build from unknown components in a tin of candies, but I like it.


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