Friday, September 15, 2023

Mono Speaker for mixing using a Tannoy ceiling monitor

This is the mono cubic speaker I've built mainly for mixing audio.

It's been a few month that I want to add a mono speaker to my mixing station. Switching to mono for the mixing process is something well know and used for years, in the last years the Avantone MixCubes became popular for this reason.

I want something similar, so I decide to built it. I've one Tannoy CMS401e speaker not used. That is a ceiling monitor system is suited to high-level music and speech reinforcement applications.

This speaker has a transformer taps, which is used for distribution system. In my case I disabled the transfomer, cause I've just connected the speker directly to the amplifier board.

I've used a TPA3118 amplifier board. Supplied by a 12V 3A swithing power. The stereo input jack simply connect the tip and the ring with a 1k resistor, this will mix the right and left signal to the mono input of the amplifier. Before the amplifier input there's just a simple 50k potentiometer used for the volume.

I've build the case using an old speaker case. I've cut it to a cube and glue. Then I paint using dark wood varnish.

 The Tannoy speaker can also rotate a little bit, so that the direction can be adjusted. This is a plus for me, I can point it strait to my face.

The finish product looks pretty good. And the sound it's of course not as good as a stereo system, but that's exactly how I want it to perform.


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