Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Passive Monitor Controller for Balanced / Unbalanced signals

Monitor Controller 01 is a passive studio monitor controller.

It can control volume for Balanced and Unbalanced signal monitor.
It has an output selector so you can choose between two set of monitor.
Also it has a mute switch to mute the output.

Technically this is a balanced attenuator pad, so it as a minimum reduction gain, which for the proposed schematic is -1.58dB.

A design like this can result in a high frequency loss for long output cables (>15mt).
As you can see, it's just need a logarithmic 10k dual pot, and a 4 1/4w 1k resistors, metal film 1% resistors are better, but you can use even carbon film 5% one without any audible issue.

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