Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Homemade 2 Guitar Strings Diddley Bow

The diddley bow is a string instrument of African origin made popular in America, probably developed from instruments found on the Ghana coast of west Africa. The diddley bow is typically homemade, consisting usually of a wooden board and a single wire string stretched between two screws, and played by plucking while varying the pitch with a metal or glass slide held in the other hand.

This is my homemade 2 Guitar Strings Diddley Bow.

This diddley bow is built using an "B" (.016), and a "D" (.032) acoustic strings, and a piece of wood.
You can tune this instrument as you want, and use any string you want, in the sample video i've used:
"B" (.016) tuned to F#, "D" (.032) to B.
Wooden board dimension is 82.5cm length, 9.0cm width, 2.2cm height.
The string action is 2.5cm.
Two piece of aluminum L are used as bridge and nut, dimension are: 2.5cm long side (make the diddley action), 1cm short side, 0.2cm thickness.
The tuning peg is a cheap one used for guitar. Two screws are used to direct strings from the nut to the pegs.
The guitar pridge is built using an aluminium cigaret box, it is opened, inside a piezo is glued to act as a pickup, wired to a 500k log pot, and a female 1/4" panel plug. The cigaret box is open and it rely on the bridge aliminium L.
Inside the cigaret box there is a piece of cloth to prevent piezo feedback.
Even it this diddley has no fret reference, the scale is set to 22".
It is painted using wood protective teak.

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