Monday, January 23, 2012

A Boxe Timer v0.4

-- ref. 2009-03 --

Boxe Timer is a countdown timer based on PIC 16F628A.

Through its 7-segments led display it alternates 2 different countdowns.

In the first mode, called "pause countdown", the display blinks while numbers are shown.
The second mode is named "working countdown" and shows numbers in a traditional way.
When the count reach 0, the devices emits a sound using the internal piezo.
The time is selected using an external switch.

Version 0.4B use PIC internal EEPROM to store working modes.
It cames with 10 fixed program, and 5 user program, which can be edited by user.

This project comes with two one layer PCB board, i've used tone transfer method to built both:
  • one board is an "all in one" pcb
  • one board is split in LED display board, and logic board

The timer contains 10 default programs (program 1 to 10) and 5 user programs (program 11 to 15). The Manual mode allow the execution of a program without saving it.
This timer repeatedly execute the pause interval A for a number of repetitions AF, and then the work interval B for a number of repetitions BF.

Parameters are:
  • P ( program ) : identify the selected program
  • A ( pause interval ) : the display will show the countdown timer for the pause interval, the display will blink
  • B ( work interval ) : the display will show the countdown timer for the work interval
  • AF ( number or repetitions for A ) : number or repetitions for time A, for each round
  • BF ( number or repetitions for B ) : number or repetitions for time B, for each round
  • F ( total number of repetitions / rounds ) : repetitions for A*AF + B*BF, blink the actual number of round when the round ends, if differs from 1

Below the default programs table:

Schematics, Manual, Code, PCB Board

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