Wednesday, May 2, 2012

osCommerce to eBay items synchronization

osc2ebay is an osCommerce contribution which allow the synchronization from your osCommerce shop to your ebay shop.
This contribution is completely web-based, it uses the ebay SOAP API to synchronize items.
It's released as an open source package under GPL license.


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  1. Hi. The only problem that I am having here is I do not know how to run the SQL file located inside the folder. It says in the instruction that simply run the install.sql

    1. search something like in google, you will find a lot of post discussing it Executing SQL Statements in MySQL.

  2. Hi Davide,
    I have been using your excellent osc2ebay contribution for 3 months now. Thank you. It saves a LOT of time !
    I have 2 questions if may?
    1) 'get ebay info view' is very slow - I have a lot of items. Is there a way to make it faster? It takes about 3.5mins for 200 items.
    2) Synchronisation of quantity fails when the last one sell on ebay-'cannot find in ebay' do you have any idea how to make this work?

    Kind regards, Andrew Fernie.

    1. it's a few i do not look at this contribution, so i can be wrong.
      1) it is normal that is slow, because it calls the ebay api service, and you have to wait for the ebay reply, anyway, if you are loading runtime ebaysvc.wsdl, try this: download ebaysvc.wsdl and use a local copy of this file, of course edit files, you will never download it again.
      2) try a AutoLink Ebay Items, if it does not works, look at the ebay_syncitemactions.php file, debug your error there (case 'updateebayquantityall':)

  3. Hi Davide,

    Thanks for developing this contribution. You're the man. I have a few questions:

    1) The AutoLink Ebay Items button, does it take all my current items on eBay an create products on osc, or vice versa?
    2) I have a test product on osc right now, but it's not showing up under "local products" under syncitems. Is there a specific format or requirement in order to show up on that list?

    1. 1) no, the only way to create product, is one by one using the add to ebay function. when a product expires on ebay, if you set it and sell it again, his unique number changes, this link tries to link again products that already are on present on ebay, but their unique number changes.
      2) as i said above, the only way (with the provided code), is to add the product using this contribution functions.

  4. Gotcha. So to get a full sync I have to end all my items on ebay, and then add them all through the add product function.

    1. yes. check adding just one.
      also if you want, open an ebay sandbox / developer account and try with this ;)

    2. Well we've got 11,000 items on ebay, so doing it one by one manually might not be the best for us, but for others it may work :D. It was free so I'm certainly not gonna complain. I'll work on trying to make everything work with a CSV import...

    3. With this one you could build a custom add function to add all products.
      I know a shopper using this contribution with more than 1000 items without problem, but more i do not know.
      Good work ;)

    4. Hi, unfortunately there are no screenshots or explanation. I have installed your cotribution but I can't find the "add product" button. Where should I be looking for it? so I can debug.

    5. All is written in the readme files. Anyway, you have to edit your actual shop files. Look at the 2.2 RC2a patched files directory in the zip file. "Add to Ebay" button is in catalog\admin\categories.php as example.

    6. Thank you for your quick reply. I acutally wanted to say documentation not explanation, All these great features are not documented so I don't know what to expect after install. I use version so my categories.php files is very different so I will look what went wrong there.

      Thanks a lot!

    7. I'm sorry but lack of documentation was due to lack of time :) Anyway it would not be so difficult to install it on 2.3x

    8. Could you please be more specific how to edit the files to make the contrib. to use local wdsl file. I only found one referrals to that file but i dont see a way to edit it. I have the wdsl file in both catalog and admin diredtory


    9. Change ebay_common.php
      ebaySession contructor line:
      $this->wsdl = 'eBaySvc.wsdl';
      to something like:
      $this->wsdl = 'ebaysvc.wsdl';
      else if (is_file('../ebaysvc.wsdl'))
      $this->wsdl = '../ebaysvc.wsdl';
      $this->wsdl = 'download_wsdl_file';

    10. no mater how I change it, it always behaves the same way. ebay sync items page loads reasonably fast but list items and update categories are very slow to load.

      Another thing, I noticed a file called ebay_syncitemscron.php. Does this contribution preform cron jobs to retreive data from ebay? because when purchase is made in ebay, the quantity in osc does not change for me.


    11. List item and update categories is not so fast cause it has to comunicate with ebay server. Anyway the ebaysvc.wsdl should not be downloaded anytime it calls ebay API.
      The cron it is made every time an item it is buyed.
      I doubt you have something not installed in the right way, cause the quantity should be synchronized.
      A great place to start coding for oscommerce is the oscommerce forum. Other great place for PHP questions, is the PHP manual.

    12. Hi

      Thanks, I'll try to modify your contribution to work with bulk listings and trying to import invoices to osc. When I have something working, I'll upload it to addon area. I will also try to make a script that synchronizes stock after every predetermined time. Cpanel has an cron job option so I'll try to use that. its not going to be easy and it will take some time though.

    13. Good work!
      Post back your results here ;)

  5. Hi Davide,

    Really appreciate your contribution. Some good work here.

    I'm interested in adjusting this to use calculated shipping.

    Have you done this yet?

    Would you be interested in some changes I've made to extend use of configuration values ??


    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      No, i've not done anything about calc. shipping.
      Yes, send me your changed version if you want :)