Tuesday, April 22, 2014

AutoBuild is a build automation tool for Visual Studio

Updated to version

AutoBuild is a build automation tool written using PowerShell on PSake.

It is usefull to automate the Visual Studio processes of:
  • Build
  • Clean
  • UnitTest
  • Release binary
  • Release source
  • Version number updating
It can be configured using the AutoBuilder.config.ps1 file.

You can find the tool code, and a sample project in the download link below. The sample configuration file is pretty explicative, you will find instruction on how it works as self-contained comments.


  • updated test procedure
  • fixed SDK versioning
  • added support for SDK type solutions, see Upgrade instructions in readme.txt file
  • minor fixed
  • fixed a problem with Windows 10 and robocopy parameter, added the .vs exclusion to src file release
  • fixed the AssemblyInfo.cs version update method
  • improved the release folder management, now release are organized in subfolder; added some usefull build scripts
  • add remove building folders (bin and obj); added the build debug and release facility; improved the version numbering update method
  • first release


  • read risk disclaimer
  • excuse my bad english

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