Monday, June 9, 2014

Drum light trigger that uses leds, a NE555 timer and a piezo transducer

This circuit is a Drum Light Trigger.

It uses a piezo transducer that reacts to drum vibration, and a NE555 timer to setup the light time.
There are two trimmer pot, one to setup the sensibility of the vibration, the other to set how long the LED light will be active.
This design is a small makeover of a circuit i've printed from an online image, unfortunately i can not recover the original author.

About the video: The piezo is attached to kick drumhead, and the led strip is inside the kick. I'm not a drummer, so there may be many imperfections in the way i play, but it's just a video to show you how this drum trigger wors. I've just add some synthesizers and guitars to make it sounds better. For those how are interested in, it is recorded using one wm-61a phantom powered condenser mic, and then processed a little using the Reaper digital audio workstation software.

Find the attachment schematics below.

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  1. HI David,

    i discovered your Drum light trigger and i am interested din building one. Is there any way i can contact you?

    1. Hello, you can write your questions here.

    2. I am trying to identify the transistor on the left side. Is it an NPN mosfet?
      Is there a printed layup for the board?

      thanks in advance for your answers

    3. I think you mean the led drive mosfet, you can use any NPN transistor, anything that can driver your led strip, mine was a TIP31, you can also use a N channel mosfet IRF640 or similar should do the job. Unluckly I've no layout for board.

    4. thanks for your reply,

      The transistor i mean is the one on the piezo side (left side of the schematic) but i got my morning coffee now and just noticed the T1 2N2222 marking wich is a bit far away. All clear now!!! Thanks very much!!!

    5. :) no problem. I though you mean the left side of the picture.

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